Cynthia is a Constitutional conservative who agrees with 82% of Republicans nationwide that term limits are absolutely critical to taking back our government and our nation – 82%.  It was career politicians – Republicans – who preserved Obama-care after promising to eliminate it.  It was career politicians who just passed a $1.3 Trillion omnibus spending bill that threatens your fiscal (financial) security, provides funding for planned parenthood to take innocent life, and yet provides no funding for a border wall that would protect you, and every other American citizen.  82% of Republicans know that if we limit the terms of politicians, we effectively remove the motivation for these types of self-serving deals.  Don’t be fooled when they tell you that there shouldn’t be “limits on the ability of the people to decide…who represents them, and takes their ideas to Washington.”  The members of this elite ruling class know that once they obtain office, they uniquely control how long they stay in office.  Cynthia Dunbar agrees with 82% of Republicans that without term-limits, the people actually have no voice in their government.