Women for Dunbar

Did you know that Cynthia will fight for your parental rights and for educational choice? In fact, she was once a homeschool mom!


Here’s a letter from a Lynchburg homeschool mom, Shannon Whealton:

During my homeschool co-op class in late November, we were graciously visited by Cynthia Dunbar who came to listen to my student’s speeches to Congress. After her short visit, Mrs. Dunbar’s passion for education, American history, the founding documents and their roots in God’s Word, and a conservative reading of the Constitution were all evident. My favorite parts of her bio include the following:

Dunbar is a frequent lecture on the framework for Civil Jurisdiction and the impact of America’s charter documents, including the Mayflower Compact, Declaration of Independence and Constitution with the Bill of Rights. She articulately details and defends the underlying Judeo-Christian philosophies of these documents. In 2008, Dunbar released her book, One Nation Under God.

She has also taken a bold stand against the Department of Education and says it’s authority is unconstitutional. In her own words, “There is absolutely nothing in the Constitution that grants the federal government the ability to dictate or oversee education on a national level. That is why I have always been vehemently opposed to Common Core State Standards. It is also why my legislative agenda will strategically call for the complete dismantling of the Department of Education through the reallocation of its monies and directives to the states and local jurisdictions. To that end, I will co-sponsor and support Rep. Massie’s bill to sunset the DOE.”

I have joined her campaign for educational choice and personal liberty, will you?

Pictured below is Cynthia Dunbar with her two children, now adults.