WallBuilders Founder David Barton Endorses Cynthia Dunbar for Congress

January 29, 2018

(FOREST, VA)—The Dunbar for Congress campaign released the following statement announcing the endorsement of WallBuilders founder, David Barton.

“For years, we have been working at WallBuilders to restore an appreciation for our unique constitutional government and its principles. While traveling the nation with this message, we have met many who are ardent advocates for constitutionally limited government. Cynthia Dunbar is one of those conservative leaders. I have known her for years and worked closely with her. She is a proven constitutional conservative, ” said Barton. “Her record is clear. She is not just a supporter of but a warrior for religious liberty, educational choice, protection of innocent life from conception to natural death, and much else. I am happy to personally endorse Cynthia for  Virginia’s 6th Congressional District.”

“I am incredibly excited to have David Barton’s endorsement. David has a long history of supporting proven conservative leaders across the country who fight for the values that have made America truly exceptional. This campaign is about restoring common sense conservative leadership that benefits the people of Virginia, not the DC swamp, and David’s endorsement is a solid indicator that we are on track to do exactly that,” Dunbar said.

WallBuilders describes itself as an organization dedicated to presenting America’s forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on the moral, religious, and constitutional foundation on which America was built. David Barton serves as the Founder of the WallBuilders organization.

Following the endorsement of former presidential candidate and Congressman, Ron Paul, earlier this week, David Barton’s endorsement of the Dunbar campaign cements it as the only true conservative choice in the race for Virginia’s 6th District. Cynthia Dunbar has also announced that she will join the Freedom Caucus once elected and serve no more than three terms in Congress, further separating her from the pack of other candidates. The Dunbar campaign continues to build strength and is in the best position to take over the seat being vacated by retiring Rep. Bob Goodlatte.