Ron Paul Endorses Cynthia Dunbar for Congress 

(FOREST, VA)—The Dunbar for Congress campaign released the following statement announcing the endorsement from former Congressman Ron Paul.

“I have given my life to fight for liberty. It is always refreshing to encounter others with the same passion, conviction, and understanding necessary to defend our Constitution. Cynthia not only encapsulates these traits, but also has the integrity and fearlessness to stand up to politicians who wish to expand our government and infringe upon our rights. I have known Cynthia for over a decade now and she has always proved herself to be a stalwart defender of the freedoms guaranteed to us as Americans. Her voice will be heard loudly and clearly across the nation in defense of liberty, and she is the best candidate to represent our shared values in Congress. I am pleased to give her my endorsement and full support in her campaign to represent Virginia’s 6th district.”

“I am extremely fortunate to have the endorsement of a man who I have looked up to for years,” said Cynthia Dunbar. “Ron Paul is a proven leader in the conservative movement and understands how big government policies backed by both radical liberals and moderate republicans are destroying the American dream. I am proud to have his support in my campaign and look forward to advancing the liberty movement in Congress.”

The Dunbar campaign continues to build strength, as she has separated herself from the pack as the only true conservative candidate in the race for Virginia’s 6th district. Dunbar has pledged both to serve no more than three terms in Congress and to join the Freedom Caucus once elected. Dunbar continues to be the only proven conservative candidate in the race and is in the best position to take over the seat being vacated by retiring Rep. Bob Goodlatte.