Morton Blackwell Endorses Dunbar for Congress

Nationally Recognized Republican Activist Morton Blackwell Endorses Dunbar for Congress

February 1, 2018

(FOREST, VA)—Cynthia Dunbar, Republican National Committeewoman representing Virginia on the Republican National Committee and candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 6th Congressional District, announced today that she has received the endorsement of nationally recognized conservative activist, Virginia Republican National Committeeman, and President of the Leadership Institute, Morton Blackwell.

“I am honored and excited to have Morton’s support in my campaign. Both he and I understand that the future of Virginia is at stake in this election, and we must return principled conservatism to Washington in order to save it,” said Dunbar. “Like the many other high-profile Republicans who have joined our campaign, Morton knows a true conservative when he sees one. I am proud that he has recognized my campaign as the only one in this race that will fight for the conservative causes important to the sixth district.”

Morton Blackwell is a nationally known conservative activist who is the founder and president of the Leadership Institute, a non-profit educational foundation. He currently serves as Virginia’s national committeeman on the Republican National Committee. He had this to say in his endorsement:

“I have had the pleasure of working side-by-side with Cynthia Dunbar on the Republican National Committee and seeing up close her efforts for our party and our Republic. She fights tirelessly for conservative principles and has a remarkable ability to inspire and lead conservative activists.  She is a personification of the fearless conservative leadership that our country needs. I heartily give her my full endorsement to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives.  She will be more than just a vote!”

The Dunbar campaign continues to build strength, as she has separated herself from the pack as the only true conservative candidate in the race for Virginia’s 6th district. Morton Blackwell’s endorsement comes only a week after Sen. Ted Cruz’s endorsement, as well as that of WallBuilders founder, David Barton. Dunbar has also stated that, once elected, she would join the Freedom Caucus in Congress, and pledged that she would serve no more than three congressional terms. Dunbar continues to be the only proven conservative candidate in the race and is in the best position to take over the seat being vacated by retiring Rep. Bob Goodlatte.