ENDORSEMENT – Virginia Watchmen Council


TO: All Virginia Clergy and Churches
FROM: Virginia Watchmen Council (VWC) Executive Committee
Rev. Michael Hirsch, Virginia Watchmen Council Chair;
Rev. Bill Cook, Northern Virginia Watchmen Council Chair
Rev. Travis Witt, Southern Virginia Watchmen Council Chair
DATE: May 14, 2018
SUBJECT: VWC Virginia Primary Candidate Endorsements

As Northern Virginia Watchmen Council Chairman, my role is to facilitate relationships between clergy pursuant to establishing a network of Watchmen Pastors who are committed to securing the Blessings of Liberty to our own and future generations of Americans.

The problems confronting our communities and nation are fundamentally moral and spiritual, not political and cultural. If through neglect or ignorance, the Church cedes the Civil Society and its government to the “sons of disobedience” both will disintegrate, and we shall have Tyranny.

America is in desperate need of pastors who proclaim the “whole counsel of God,” which encompasses civic duty. As citizens of God’s eternal Kingdom, we are duty-bound to seek the welfare of our temporal sojourn by praying for our leaders, and as much as possible, proffer and support candidates for public office whose heart cry is “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

The Virginia Watchmen Council (VWC) has completed its evaluation of candidates running in the Virginia primary and is pleased to announce its unanimous endorsement of the following 8 Republican candidates running for office, seven in the U.S. House of Representatives, and one for U.S. Senate.

Candidate District Legislative Body
Rob Wittman – R* R-VA1 U.S. House of Representatives
Scott Taylor – R* R-VA2 U.S. House of Representatives
Ryan McAdams – R R-VA4 U.S. House of Representatives
Tom Garrett – R* R-VA5 U.S. House of Representatives
Cynthia Dunbar – R** R-VA6 U.S. House of Representatives
Dave Brat – R* R-VA7 U.S. House of Representatives
Shak E. Hill – R R-VA10 U.S. House of Representatives
Nicholas Freitas R U.S. Senate
**6th District Nominating Convention

Each candidate running in the Primary was given an opportunity to respond “agree” or “disagree” to a series of 37 statements on a range of policy issues, each falling into one of the following four areas: The Individual (7), The Family (7), The Faith Community (4), and Government (19). Each endorsee above responded satisfactorily to all statements in the survey.

We respectfully remind all candidates of President Ronald Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican,” and encourage each to conduct their campaigns respectfully and with Christian Charity.

For more information or to review a copy of the survey questions, please contact VWC Chairman Rev. MichaEl Hirsch at mshsbhccc@aol.com.

NOTE: If your church is located in the 1st Congressional District, please consider inviting Congressman Rob Wittman to be with you to share his personal testimony regarding the relationship of biblical truth to his work in Congress. Rob will also speak about the Congressional Prayer Call—where government leaders are passionately calling on God’s people to be of one heart in prayer and godly action. Contact Joe Schumacher at 804-730-6595 or joe.schumaher@mail.house.gov to schedule a time for Congressman Wittman being with you.

God bless you!
Rev. Bill Cook
Northern Virginia Watchmen Council Chair
Founder & CEO
America’s Black Robe Regiment