Donald Blake Endorses Dunbar

It is with a sense of concern for the future of our Nation that I endorse Cynthia Dunbar to represent Virginia’s 6th Congressional District.  Cynthia has a proven record that she is one who will always stand on principle and lead from the front, not follow in the middle of the pack.

Cynthia Dunbar will:

  • not “passively conform” as a Member of Congress;
  • be a warrior motivated by her understanding of these times;
  • be a light shining in the midst of the darkness that prevails in our U. S. Congress, on both sides of the aisle;
  • stand in the public square and speak truth to power;
  • be a fighter for the sanctity of human life; and
  • be a Standard Bearer for religious freedoms.

I proudly endorse Cynthia Dunbar to be Virginia’s next 6th Congressional Representative.

Donald N. Blake
Chairman and President, Virginia Christian Alliance
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