Allen West’s Statement of Support for Dunbar

“From Texas to Virginia, Cynthia Dunbar is known for her stand on the frontlines of individual liberty and freedom, the essence of the conservative cause. She has evidenced a tenacity and fearlessness to challenge career politicians for their big government progressive, and statist, economic philosophy that is resulting in massive debt and deficits.

Cynthia represents what the Constitutional Conservative movement in America needs—a break from the status quo. And, I have no doubt that once elected, she will be one of the driving forces in the restoration of our Republic, the rule of law, and constitutional governance.

Some may say it is none of my business to offer my support for a Congressional candidate in the Virginia GOP race. It is indeed my business to seek our true Guardians of our Republic, and Cynthia Dunbar has this statement of support, and blessing. Steadfast and Loyal.”

Former U.S. Representative