Convention/Delegate Information


Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. and everyone must be registered or in line by 10:00 a.m. Do not be late or you could be turned away.  Convo lots A, B, E, & D will be open for use. The earlier you get there, the easier parking will be for you.  Enter the Convocation Center via the main entrance of the JMU Convocation Center. Southwest side, facing I-81.  When you get to the front of the line, look for the Shenandoah County Delegation sign in and register there.



Your children and other guests must be registered at a special table just for them.  It is probably best to help them (if they need it) after you get yourself registered. There is a guest section seating on the upper floor. Only delegates are allowed in the delegate area. Young children might be allowed to sit with parents in the delegate section if there is sufficient room, otherwise, parents will be expected to sit with their children in the Guest Children section of the upper floor.


No food will be allowed to be brought into the Convocation Center except for 1 bottle of water and snacks for children. The Convocation Center will have their concession booths open for the entire day, so please bring cash or credit card.

Delegates who paid the $20 Fee will be given a box lunch at around noon time.

There will be a limited number of tables set up for eating on the upper level. If you want to, you can bring your food down to your seating area and eat there.


Whenever the voting begins, ballots will be passed out to each Unit Chair (or Chair Designee). All of the ballots will have to be accounted for so if  and they will pass them out to DO NOT FOLD THE BALLOT, because it must be read by a ballot scanner/reader.  If you ruin a ballot, exchange it using whatever rules are set up for that purpose. The delegates of each Unit will turn their ballots in as a Unit. When our Unit is called, each person must go up to the Voting Section on the upper floor and present their Convention ID and separate government ID and turn their ballot in.



The 6th Congressional District Committee wants to be sure that those with disabilities have a good experience at our convention.  As we finalize particulars for this event, we are realizing that having an accurate picture of which Delegates have needs for accessible facilities will help us to address this issue most effectively.  While we do not know with any certainty, it is possible that our Shenandoah County Delegation will not be on the floor of the Convocation Center, but up in the bleacher seating.  For this reason, if you are elderly and/or have difficulty with negotiating steps, please let us know so that can accommodate you in an ADA accessible section on the convention floor.  Please bear in mind that we need to stay together as much as possible, and we are relying on the honor system to ensure that those who truly need assistance (and their spouse, etc) are the ones that are given this seating.