Fellow conservative,

We are very excited to announce that former presidential candidate and current U.S. Senator, Ted Cruz, has endorsed our campaign to represent Virginia’s 6thDistrict!

Sen. Cruz’s support is a huge moment for us, and marks a very important milestone on our path to bringing conservative leadership back to Washington. As I’m sure you’re aware, Sen. Cruz has been on the forefront of the conservative battle in both the Senate and the U.S. as a whole, fighting on behalf of America’s hardest working families on issues that affect all of us.

Here’s what Sen. Cruz had to say in his endorsement:

“Cynthia Dunbar is a candidate who is shaped by her understanding of the Constitution, and driven by a passion to elevate and preserve our founding principles. She will be a conservative voice and strong advocate for the people of Virginia’s Sixth District. I am proud to offer my endorsement and support for her campaign.”

Sen. Cruz knows a proven conservative when he sees one. He knows that we are the only ones in this race capable of accomplishing what we say we will, like locking in regulatory reform, putting an end to excessive spending, enacting tax relief that benefits hard-working Americans, abolishing unconstitutional agencies like the Department of Education, and finally cutting off the influence of the DC swamp. He knows that we are the only campaign that will fight for the best interests of Virginia, not the career politicians and special interests in Washington. 

Our campaign is humbled and honored to have the endorsement of a man who has achieved so much for the conservative cause and continues to fight, day in and day out, to restore this country to its former glory.

But we need the help of freedom-loving conservatives such as yourself to get us across the finish line on election day. Please consider getting involved and making a contribution of $50$100, or $1,000 so that we can build on Sen. Cruz’s work and advance the conservative agenda. The 6th District demands results in Washington, and we are the only ones who will deliver!

Thank you for standing with us,

Cynthia Dunbar

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