Though both parties are to blame for Congress’s inability to get anything accomplished, Cynthia is particularly frustrated with her own party. “The fact that we Republicans hold both chambers in Congress and continue to play politics instead of keeping our promises to the American people is unacceptable,” said Dunbar. “There is absolutely no excuse for not having repealed Obamacare, and I will fight tirelessly until it is repealed.”

Cynthia also promises she will:



Cynthia is no stranger to political warfare and strategy.  She has fought the hard battles in education. Few areas are as controversial as what content gets put in our children’s textbooks. During her tenure as a Texas State Board of Education Member, Cynthia never backed down from fighting to ensure accurate American History was taught in the classroom.

Cynthia is a true conservative with a record of winning tough battles and she has the scars to prove it. She does not spend years politely tiptoeing around leadership with few victories to show for her time. She gets in, gets things done and then gets out.


“I have had the pleasure of working side by side with Cynthia on legal and political battlefields. I can state with assurance that there are few who are more committed to Christian principles being upheld within our government, and even fewer who are equipped to diligently fight for them. She will be a strong voice and advocate for Virginia’s 6th Congressional District and for all Christian Conservatives across the nation! This is why I heartily give her my endorsement for this position.”

Mat Staver*
Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel
Former Dean of Liberty University School of Law
*Title and affiliation for identification